Where do we even start with Annie and Ray’s wedding that we documented back in September.  They decided to incorporate two parts to their wedding day, a traditional Chinese ceremony followed by a civil ceremony held in the incredible Ulster Museum. To say it was an adventure would be the biggest understatement, they crammed so much into their day but we can honestly say it was amazing. There was so much laughter, excitement and pure joy written on their faces all day.

The day started with Ray and his entourage of men coming to win Annie from her family home, this entailed undertaking and overcoming many challenges and games placed before them by Annie’s bridesmaids. They were quite the taskmasters. Once Ray had won his bride, he entered the family home, were he would see his wife-to-be, Annie.

Once they had performed the traditional tea ceremony  they changed outfits and went to the Ulster Museum where they held their ceremony with all their friends and family, before finishing the night feasting and dancing at the epic Deane’s at Queens.

A truly memorable day with two of nicest, happiest people and we are so glad that we got to be part of it 🙂

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