Matt & Jamie’s Irish elopement was one of those days that will always remain close to our hearts. It was such a special day and the connection these two have is indescribable.

They travelled completely in secret from their friends and families, all the way from Massachusetts to elope and held their Spiritualist ceremony in Corcomroe Abbey, County Clare. It is hard sometimes to put an experience into words – but stop for a moment and imagine the chill of the Irish winds blowing throughout the abbey and nothing but the songs of crows above two people saying the most precious words to each other. That was how their ceremony unfolded.

We then jumped into the car and explored the stunning west coast and even stopped off at a nearby pub, knocked on the door, and they opened up especially for us,  just so Matt & Jamie could have a pint of Guinness – Only in Ireland 🙂

We lost count of the amount of times Matt said ‘this is the best day of my life’ and we left feeling so privileged to have been asked along to capture their story.

It was brilliant to work alongside the lovely Annie from Elope To Ireland again and to meet and work with Dreamcatcher Productions. Elopement Ireland01

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