We are so excited to share this day with you. Rach & Sam are from Cambridge but decided to have their wedding in Northern Ireland where Rachel grew up as a child.  They got married in Enniskillen and then travelled up to the amazing Gracehall to hold their colourful reception. It was the perfect venue for them as it allowed them to really show their personality in the decor. They spent months making pom poms and it all really paid off.  We especially loved their favours of Tayto cheese and onion crisps, their favourite irish bread and some irish butter – the look of confusion on some of the English guests was brilliant! Sam is in a band and a guitar teacher so they decided to bring in a festival style theme with guitars and flowers.
It was such an incredible day which ended with us all running through the nearby fields under rainbow showers and finishing off with an epic sunset – one of our faves from the summer for sure!

p.s that adorable page boy just so happens to be our little Jesse 😍

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