We love shooting at Larchfeild Estate and Amiee and Karl’s bohemian wedding is one of the weddings we’ll always remember.
It was one of those weddings where you nearly have to pinch yourself to remind that this is your job. We have had such a jam packed summer but although its been mad we have absolutely loved each and every one of our weddings. Getting the chance to meet so many different families and shoot at such a variety of venues across Ireland and further afield has been amazing.
Aimee looked stunning in her ‘Rue De Seine’ dress – my favourite wedding dress designer and got ready in one of coolest houses we have ever seen. After the meal all the guests returned to the sunken garden at Larchfield to have a jamming session and Karl started it off by singing to Aimee as the sun went down. There are so many highlights from this day and here are some of our favourite moments.Garden wedding001

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