Its not every day your little brother gets married – but last year both Lou and I’s younger brothers both got married within just over a month of each other!

First up is Alan and Amy Garden Tipi wedding which was one of the most fun weddings we’ve ever been to. For them, no venue was ever going to give them exactly what they wanted so instead the built their own venue. The bought their house and slowly turned it into their ideal venue with tipi, barn bar, hexagonal chill dome, grill and Photo Booth bubble caravan. So much was handmade and designed by the bride, groom and their friends making it so personal and original. Alan made the beers and put his handy man skills to making and designing the garden and Amy grew all her own flowers and made all the bouquets. The personal touches didn’t stop there – one of their best friends officiated the ceremony, their staffie Emily was one of the bridesmaids, Amy’s brother was part of their wedding band, another few friends cooked the food…oh and of course, we shot it 🙂