Like many people last year, organising a wedding became an impossible task – would the restrictions be lifted, would there be a spike, when should we reschedule etc. These were questions that weighed on Joanna & Andrew but in the end it’s safe to say all the time worrying blurred into insignificance when Andrew waited for Joanna to arrive, wind-swept by the coastal breeze; when Joanna walked up her green aisle arm-in-arm with her dad and finally, their eyes met, it all simply disappeared.

Originally Joanna & Andrew had planned for a venue wedding, however what eventually happened was even more incredible and magical. The alternative venue would be a field overlooking Dunluce Castle, a backdrop of the northcoast sea and the sound of the waves and seagulls swirling around them. Wow!

There is something to be said about small intimate outdoor weddings – it’s spending one of the pivotal moments in your life with the ones you love with no walls to contain it – just a bunch of your favourite people out in the elements. Can’t get more raw or real than that! Also, don’t think you can’t add ‘bells and whistles’ to an outdoor wedding – oh yes you can. They had an amazing teepee by Magnakata, on-point suits, stunning Victoria Beckham Dress, flowers by the ever-talented Rosehip & Berry and Posh Nosh Catering.