This is it! The start of a new year and the close of another. 2016 was an adventure, which had us visiting new countries, crossing deserts, guest speaking at a workshop, travelling the length and breadth of Ireland to explore new and exciting venues and capturing stories along the way. We met so many wonderful people and feel truly blessed that we get to to this as our job. Thank you to everyone who asked us to tell their story – 2016 was magic!

We had even more opportunities to travel overseas for weddings – from the beautiful scenery of France to the orange mountains of Utah, the flat plains in Haxtun, Colorado and finally to the picturesque views of Lake Bled, Slovenia. Seriously, the beauty and hospitality we experienced on our travels across the water was incredible and we will never forget each and every one.

We also can’t forget our own little country and what it has to offer. It is exciting to see Ireland progress with new venues and couples willing to go that extra mile with their creativity and open up in front of our cameras and show true emotion.

We took part at the very first ‘BURN Workshop’ and we were asked to guest speak alongside some incredible talent. The ability to gather with like-minded photogs, share, experiment and learn was inspiring and we too, learnt so much from each attendee and speaker.

I (Louie) also had the chance to attend a ’The Wolves Workshop’ held by the inspirational Pablo Beglez on a small island off Lazaorte mainland. To say it was memorable is an understatement. The time I spent connecting with fellow creative’s, the friendships I’ve gained and the experiences I had, I will hold forever. One thing that I took from my time there and which spoke to me personally was a word; one word with an endless potential… IMAGINE!

To the couples we will meet this year, the ones we will meet in the future and to all those who click and read this post, let 2017  be the year to Imagine. Imagine your potential, imagine your big day, imagine your feelings, imagine your adventure, imagine your dream. Imagine bigger, imagine better, imagine higher….make it happen!

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